attempts to know hidden knowledge or the future through a supernatural

  • Chakra Healing
  • Tarot card Reader
  • numerology

Dowsing Expert

Dowsing is over 7000 years old. It originally started in Egypt, when it was used to find land with positive vortexes to build pyramids. It was also used for finding gold, water, diamonds and later oil. All old churches in Europe were built on positive vortexes as well as temples and big empires.

Traditional dowers believed that only a few gifted knew how to dowse, and in Egypt they were respected like Gods and served only the kings for life. Dowsers did not promote teachings, only a few lucky ones were chosen and were honoured to learn. Because dowsing was so expensive, many could not afford to hire a professional. Kings were entitled to keep dowsing only for their benefit; to be strong and have powerful empires, to help build churches and temples. They also used dowsers in battle fields to find positive vortexes where they would attack enemies and push them into negative vortex areas so they could win the battle.